5 555 uniq Santas that exist on the Solana blockchain.


Dear Community, we feel your endless support and great involvement

We really appreciate it and love you all!

When will be the Marketplace listing?

In order to make the Community bigger and stronger we are launching secondary Sales on major marketplaces: Solanart and Magic Eden. Listing will be on 12/15/2021.

What`s going on with white-listed NFT`s?

As you may know, 250 white-listed NFT`s are already listed, booming Solanart - the floor price is 3.5 Sol. On 13/12/2021 Sol Santas is at 13 place among all NFT Collections. Check out the link and our congratulations

What`s on our roadmap?

Today we will launch our Rarity Tool to check how rare is your NFT`s. Together we will launch Sol Santas to the Moon ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€ We will keep you updated ๐Ÿ™Œโค๏ธ WAGMI ๐Ÿ†


What are Santas?

Once upon a time, everyone was waiting for a magical Christmas! But as the years passed, the world developed, people and their values have changed.

Santa and his mates got tired of people not paying any attention to their work and being busy with their own affairs. So they decided to escape from Lapland, go wild and finally do whatever they want.

Our Goal

We have to build a new, better Meta-verse Home for Santa and his mates in order to bring them back to Lapland. So they can serve people, and we can have Christmas the way it should be.


Buyback Santas and Charity pot

5% royalty fee (payment) is taken from all resales. The fee is distributed to:

Buying Santas from Marketplaces and returning them to Lapland

We transfer royalties from sales to a special accumulative wallet using smart contract. When there is enough money in the wallet, Santa is automatically bought from a Marketplace at the minimum floor-price. This bought Santa is placed in a separate wallet - Lapland, from which no one can resell him.

This means that eventually there will be fewer Santas scattered around the world -> Santas will become more and more rare -> the price of Santas will grow over time.


We have put together a list of international charitable foundations with an excellent reputation. Their activities are aimed at protecting and supporting children. From that list The Community will choose an exact charitable foundation that will receive the financial help. This will be done every year in December.

Our website will display online information about current receipts for charity.

Community Development

These funds will be used for the Project development: elaboration of the house for Santa and his mates (with gamification elements), creation of new NFT Airdrops, other activities aimed at popularizing the Sol Santas Christmas Escape NFT collection.

Current Community development plan is available in our Discord:
Bring Christmas back! * Bring Christmas back! * Bring Christmas back! * Bring Christmas back! * Bring Christmas back! * Bring Christmas back! *
get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! *get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! * get your Santa! *


  • 10%

    Website, twitter and discord channel launch. Marketing campaign begins

  • 20%

    Ambassadors and opinion leaders on boarding
    Community activation (giveaways, NFT drop events and contests)

  • 30%

    Whitelisting Event. Discord roles and community team updates 250 Sol Santas giveaway competition

  • 40%

    12/12/2021 Sol Santas plan to escape the club.
    5 305 Sol Santas are available to mint from our website.
    Fair mint Program.

  • 50%

    Secondary Sales Launch for 2 main marketplaces

  • 60%

    Rarity Tools Development

  • 70%

    Returned Santas Club Development
    Escaped Santas buyback program

  • 80%

    Sol Santas DAO

  • More coming....


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